Fill out the ESTA application form

The ESTA application form is available online. It is an authorization granted for travel within the United States of America with a validity period of two years. This US formality replaces the business and tourist visa for stays in the USA of less than 90 days. The form is relatively simple to complete. It can be done by the holder of the biometric or electronic passport. Each ESTA authorization is unique and concerns only one person.

To apply for ESTA in a few minutes, simply click on the online form.

What official documents do I need to fill out an ESTA form?

The ESTA application is done online and only a valid biometric or electronic passport is required. The applicant must complete the ESTA form on the Internet. The response is made within a maximum of 72 hours. The person who made the request on the official ESTA website will have to consult the progress of the file online with the request number received by e-mail. You can then proceed to print a copy of your ESTA. In case of a refused ESTA, you will have to apply for a US visa, even if it is more expensive and longer to obtain.

One of the many advantages of the ESTA authorization is that it is valid for two years from the date of issue. A U.S. address is required. It can be modified and does not need to be extremely precise. To modify your ESTA you must log into your online account on the official ESTA website.

There is no such thing as a free ESTA. The ESTA fee must be paid online. A credit card is required to pay for your ESTA. The amount to be paid online corresponds to the mandatory taxes. The bank card does not have to be the applicant’s. It is also possible to make a group application to facilitate the administrative procedures during a group trip.

Conditions of access to the United States

Obtaining an ESTA does not guarantee entry into the United States. The final decision is reserved for U.S. immigration authorities. All ESTA documents are reviewed by the American authorities to make their decision.