What documents and information should I provide for the ESTA?

An ESTA is a travel authorization issued by U.S. Homeland Security to nationals of countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program. To receive authorization to come to or transit through the United States without a visa, you must have the proper travel documents. To do so, you must be in possession of a valid electronic passport or biometric passport that covers the entire duration of your stay in the United States.

Indeed, if the validity of the passport were to expire, the ESTA application would have to be renewed with the data of the new passport. If your passport is lost, you will also need to reissue your passport and renew your ESTA application before leaving for the United States.

An ESTA update or an ESTA renewal comes with a new fee. As each application is considered unique, the ESTA fee is payable with each new application.

ESTA application for which reason of travel?

You cannot obtain ESTA authorization for all reasons for travel to the United States. In fact, only tourist and business trips of less than 90 days are concerned. In the case of business travel, proof of travel may be requested.

Some travel purposes do not qualify for ESTA travel authorization. Indeed, there are different types of USA visas depending on the reason for the stay. There is a visa for au pairs, a visa for investors, a visa for diplomats and a visa for journalists. There are many reasons to stay in the United States, and the existing visas are just as numerous. It is therefore advisable to find out beforehand whether the ESTA declaration is suitable or whether you need to apply for a tourist visa.