Is it safe to enter the USA with an ESTA?

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. It is an authorization to travel to the USA. The ESTA requirements allow millions of travelers each year to enter the United States without a visa. However, obtaining ESTA authorization is not a guarantee of entry into the United States. Indeed, there are still border controls and only customs and border security agents are authorized to let you enter the United States.

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The ESTA authorization is therefore an essential first step to access the American borders, but does not guarantee access to the American territory. There are two essential steps to access and travel in the United States; these two steps are the possession of the ESTA and the passage in front of the border agents.

Validity of the ESTA and stays in the USA

The ESTA authorization allows you to enter the United States with the final approval of a border control agent. The ESTA must be valid upon arrival in the United States but it may expire during your stay. It is not mandatory to renew your ESTA during your stay in the USA.

Checks are carried out prior to arrival in the country and information on marital status and contact details is collected by the US National Security.

An ESTA has a maximum duration of two years. It can only be obtained if the passport used to create it is valid. An ESTA is an authorization for multiple entries into the USA. During the 2 years of validity, it is possible to enter the United States of America several times. Each entry into the United States is again subject to control by border agents. Keep in mind that the ESTA authorization is a travel authorization and not an entry authorization.

If you lose your ESTA, you can return to the official website to retrieve your file and print a copy.