The formalities to be carried out for a trip to the USA

If you are planning to travel to the United States you must complete certain mandatory formalities in order to enter the United States. In order to present yourself to the immigration service in all serenity, we have summarized below the documents that you will have to present to the customs officers.

Documents to be presented on arrival

When you arrive in the United States, whether by air or sea, you must go through immigration and present the following travel documents:

The transition to the U.S. Immigration Service

Even if you have prepared your trip properly, going through U.S. customs can be overwhelming. This step is usually quick and easy. The waiting time depends on the number of travelers who end up waiting in line at the same time as you.

Once in front of the customs officer, you must present your passport. The officer will also take a photo of you and scan your fingerprints. If he or she asks you questions, don’t worry, these are routine questions that are not related to any suspicions. They may concern the length of your stay, your place of residence in the territory or the reason for your trip.

If you are transiting through the United States, you must also go through the immigration service. A queue is reserved for stopover travelers who require an ESTA for transit. Be careful if you spend your vacations in Hawaii, it is an American territory; it is thus necessary to have an ESTA title for the entire stay.

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