Do I need to show a copy of the ESTA at the airport?

If you have obtained an official ESTA authorization, the U.S. government keeps all your information in its computer system. Therefore, it is not necessary to present your printed ESTA when passing through US border control.

If you have not yet completed your travel formalities, you can do so online in a few minutes by clicking on the online form.

Why should I submit a copy of the ESTA authorization?

Presenting a copy of the ESTA authorization is not required. Indeed, as the whole procedure is processed electronically, the information is communicated electronically to the customs officers. They are also available at the boarding agents of the airline or shipping company you use to travel to the USA. Airlines are required to verify the travel authorization before allowing boarding.

It is theoretically unnecessary to keep a copy of your ESTA authorization since you do not have to present it. However, computers are not infallible. We recommend that you keep a copy of your authorization with you during your trip so that you can present it in case of problems.

Where can I get a copy of the ESTA authorization?

How to retrieve a copy of your ESTA authorization depends on the method used to obtain it.

If you have applied directly on the official ESTA website of the American government, you will have to go there to consult your file and download your ESTA.