Free or paid ESTA form?

An ESTA authorization allows citizens of Visa Waiver Program member countries to travel to the United States without a visa. The authorization concerns all travelers. If you are traveling with a child it is necessary to obtain an ESTA for minors.

To obtain your ESTA in a few minutes , simply click on the online form.

Does the free ESTA exist?

The ESTA is a pre-authorization provided to travelers who wish to visit the United States for tourism or business reasons. The American authorities, anxious to preserve the internal security of the USA, filter the entries on their territory. Foreign nationals may not travel to the United States without prior administrative approval.

While surfing the forums, you may have read that it is possible to obtain a free ESTA. This information is completely false. The free ESTA does not exist. You must pay at least the mandatory U.S. fees by credit card in order to submit your ESTA application online.

Obtaining an ESTA requires several prerequisites:

How much does the ESTA cost?

Obtaining an ESTA has a price tag of $21. These fees charged by the United States are mandatory taxes. The funds collected are then given to the American authorities to finance their security services.

To apply, you must complete the ESTA questionnaire on the Internet. Incorrect information may result in your application being rejected by the U.S. authorities. It is therefore imperative that your data is up to date and corresponds to reality.