The ESTA and its validity period

The ESTA certificate is valid for two years. Obtaining an ESTA allows eligible foreign nationals to be exempt from visa requirements. ESTA requirements are strict. The ESTA is valid for two years from the date of issue. This certification is issued by the U.S. authorities in order to preserve national security.

During these two years, the holder can present himself at the American borders as many times as he wishes.

In case of loss, theft or modification of the passport for the USA, the ESTA is invalid. You must update your ESTA by applying online. One application per person is required, including children. Each adult and child passenger must have their own passport and ESTA authorization.

Passport validity for ESTA

The ESTA process is relatively easy and inexpensive. ESTA authorization is required for tourists and business travelers traveling for less than 90 days within the United States. An ESTA is valid if the passport used to obtain it is also valid. If the passport is lost, renewed, expires or changed in any way, the ESTA loses its validity.

Any change in the passport requires the renewal of the ESTA. Thanks to this procedure, fraud attempts are less important and controls are more rigorous. The long validity period of the ESTA allows you to apply as soon as you plan to travel to the United States.