The price to pay for an ESTA

The procedures for an ESTA application are simpler and faster than for a visa application. There is no such thing as a free ESTA. Applications are subject to a processing fee, which must be paid in order to obtain authorization.

The minimum fee for an official ESTA application is $21. This application fee is the minimum mandatory fee to pay online to obtain an ESTA. Sometimes you opt for additional services and the price is therefore higher in the end. The ESTA processing time is 72 hours maximum.

The introduction of ESTA has reduced the number of visa applications. Indeed, the main visas requested before were tourist and business visas for stays of less than 90 days. Thanks to the implementation of ESTA, it is now possible to be exempted from visa for stays meeting these conditions. The growing success of the ESTA has inspired other countries to implement an eTA Canada.

ESTA or visa, what is the difference in cost?

ESTA is not a US visa. The cost of a visa varies depending on the category. The average visa fee is $185, compared with $21 for ESTA. The attractiveness of the price of an ESTA application allows for a significant reduction in visa applications from VWP member countries.

How do I pay for the ESTA?

Payment of the ESTA fee can only be made by credit card online at the end of the ESTA application form. The payment page accepts all types of payment cards.