Why an ESTA is required for travel to the United States

An ESTA is a document that authorizes access to the United States. This document can, under certain conditions, replace the American visa which is still necessary in many cases. It is imperative to have a travel authorization issued by the government of the United States of America. This can be a visa, ESTA or Green Card.

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In the current international context, many States are initiating stricter control procedures regarding access to their territory. Obtaining an official ESTA does not guarantee access to the United States. A security check, carried out by the customs services at the borders, will allow a definitive opinion on this travel authorization to be issued. Thus, like the visa, the ESTA is not a guarantee of access. A distinction must therefore be made between authorization for access to the interior of the territory and authorization for access to the borders.

The ESTA authorization allows for a visa exemption

The issuance of an ESTA authorization is equivalent to a visa exemption. The U.S. administration is seeking to ease the cumbersome and restrictive procedures related to visa applications, to facilitate the arrival of tourists and businessmen on its soil. Thanks to this administrative relief, many travelers are eligible to apply for ESTA authorization. The main eligibility requirements for ESTA are:

It is now also mandatory to obtain an ESTA to enter the USA by land from Canada and Mexico.

The ESTA application is faster and less expensive than the fees for a US tourist visa. If you meet the ESTA requirements, it is best to apply for an ESTA online. An answer is given quickly within 72 hours. You only need your biometric or electronic passport to obtain your ESTA.