Renewing your ESTA authorization

An ESTA is an electronic authorization that allows access to the borders of the United States of America. This authorization simplifies visa applications. It is valid for two years and must be renewed if the passport is changed or expires.

Renewing an ESTA application requires the same formalities as the initial application. There are no tacit renewals or free ESTA. You have to fill in the contact form again and the legal information about your valid biometric or electronic passport.

The passport number, date of issue, place of issue, period of validity, as well as full name and contact information are required to apply for an ESTA for tourism or business purposes. The full names of the applicant’s parents and employment details will also be requested.

Renewing or updating the ESTA?

A change of passport for the USA or of some of its information requires a complete renewal of the ESTA authorization application. Only the change of e-mail address or residence in the USA can be done on the initial form; it is then useless to make a new ESTA application.

In case of a full renewal, you must pay the $21 ESTA fee again to validate your application. These costs correspond to the financing of :