Can I apply for ESTA without a specific reason?

A trip to the United States must be prepared in advance because the opportunities are numerous. Whether you decide to visit New York or Las Vegas, it is possible to anticipate the administrative formalities. In fact, ESTA authorization requests are accepted even without a defined project.

The passport must be biometric (or electronic) and must be valid for the duration of the stay. Once you are sure of this, it is possible to request an official ESTA authorization. These authorizations are valid for two years and allow multiple entries into the United States. However, the 2-year validity period is limited by the remaining validity of the passport. If the passport expires before the ESTA, then the ESTA certificate also expires.

Information that can be modified in your ESTA file

There are two parts to the ESTA application process. One part contains unchangeable information, such as your identity and the documents required to create your file, and a second part where the elements can be modified at will. The latter are US residency and email address. It is therefore absolutely possible to apply for ESTA without having an established tourist circuit.

The purpose of the U.S. Visa Waiver Program was to relieve congestion in the U.S. government. In fact, there were far too many visa applications at the US Embassy. Thanks to the implementation of ESTA authorizations, it is now possible to simplify and reduce the cost of a trip to the United States. The price of an ESTA costs a minimum of $21 in taxes to be paid online to finalize the application. The amount of taxes to pay for a US visa is $160 on average, so the time and money saved with an ESTA is significant.