Get your ESTA authorization quickly

To visit the United States, all foreign nationals must have a travel authorization before boarding the plane. This rule also applies to minor children. This measure, put in place by the American authorities, is intended to filter arrivals and reinforce internal security. Depending on the profile of the applicants, their reason and the duration of their stay, the travel authorization can be a visa, a green card or an ESTA.

For a stay in the USA of less than 90 days: you can complete your formalities online in a few minutes by clicking on the online form.

What is an ESTA authorization?

The ESTA authorization has the advantage of being easily and quickly obtained. The online process is less expensive than obtaining a Green Card or applying for a US visa.

Here are the ESTA eligibility requirements:

The ESTA authorization allows travelers to make multiple trips to the United States during its two-year validity. The principle of this prior electronic travel authorization has been taken over to create an ETIAS authorization required for entry into the Schengen area.

Obtaining ESTA authorization

To receive your ESTA authorization, you must apply online. You must complete an online ESTA questionnaire to formalize your request. Once your answers are in, you will need to pay the ESTA fee directly by credit card to submit your application.

To obtain the ESTA, it is imperative that your form does not contain any errors, otherwise your ESTA will be refused.