An ESTA is required to transit through the United States

If you do not have a valid U.S. visa, it is necessary to apply for an ESTA in order to be accepted for a stopover on U.S. soil. This authorization is issued by National Security and is intended to control who is allowed to enter the United States.

The ESTA authorization can be obtained in a few minutes via the Internet, just click on the online form.

Airlines and cruise lines serving the United States of America are in constant contact with U.S. national security. By using the passport number, travel operators know if travelers are allowed to board a flight to the United States. If the passport holder does not have a current ESTA authorization or U.S. visa, the company has the right to deny access to the aircraft or ship.

It is therefore essential, even for a simple stopover, to have a valid passport in order not to be refused a flight or a departure by boat to the United States. Regardless of the length of time you will be in transit through the United States, all travelers in transit must have a valid visa or ESTA authorization.

Maximum security on American soil with ESTA

International tensions have led to increased security measures to ensure that travelers can come to the U.S. with peace of mind. An official ESTA is an authorization to enter the United States. You must then enter the United States to complete your stay. Customs and Border Protection validate your entry into the United States. There are many controls to prevent the entry of travelers who are dangerous for the security of the country.

If you are temporarily entering the United States by car, since 2022 you need an ESTA to enter by land.