Do I need an ESTA to enter the USA by land?

The majority of travelers arrive in the United States by air or sea. However, it is possible that a national of a Visa Waiver Program member country may enter the United States by land through Mexico or Canada. In this case, the foreign national must present an ESTA.

To complete your pre-entry formalities by land, simply click on the online form and complete the process in a few minutes via the Internet.

ESTA by land now mandatory since 2022

The U.S. has a visa waiver program for nationals of countries in the program. This program facilitates their entry into the United States while controlling their identity and the details of their stay. ESTA reduces visa requirements and strengthens homeland security, which has become a priority following the terrorist attacks. This program requires you to fill out an ESTA form online. The answers determine whether the US authorities will accept or refuse entry to the US.

Is it enough to be a member of the VWP to obtain an ESTA? The answer is no. Several criteria must be met, the main eligibility criteria are:

Once the authorization is obtained, you can take your plane or boat to the United States. If you arrive at the border by land, you will now need to present an ESTA. Indeed, the borders of Mexico and Canada allowed before 2022 to enter the United States:

Regardless of how you arrive at the U.S. border, you must have an ESTA to apply for entry into the U.S.

Anticipate your approach to avoid unpleasant surprises. Also keep in mind that you are not required to enter the United States with an ESTA.