Check the validity of your ESTA

Once the ESTA application is submitted, the processing time is 72 hours maximum. If accepted, this authorization to enter the United States is valid for a maximum period of two years. After that, you must renew your ESTA. You must have a valid electronic passport or biometric passport and plan a tourist or business trip of 90 consecutive days or less. It is possible to enter the United States several times with the same ESTA authorization, as long as it is valid.

If the passport used expires, it is necessary to renew the authorization with the new passport.

Application granted, ESTA validated

Once the ESTA declaration has been validated, no special steps are required. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has every record in its computer systems. No documents are required for boarding. However, travelers may wish to carry a hard copy of the ESTA to protect themselves from any defects in the ESTA transmissions.

In summary, the ESTA is :

If the ESTA application is denied, you must then apply for a USA visa that meets the specific criteria of your trip. You may also attempt to reapply for ESTA if you believe the reason for denial is no longer relevant or if the denial was caused by a typo.