Visit New York, the largest city in the USA

If you are traveling to the United States to visit New York City, it is imperative that you properly prepare your stay. The city is so big and rich in various activities that it is very easy to get lost. On this page you will find some tips on how to get ready for the adventure. Don’t forget your ESTA authorization.

Prepare your departure for New York

Before making any plans, it is necessary to obtain a travel authorization because it is not as easy to travel to the United States as to another country of the European Union. You must therefore apply for a visa or ESTA. In general, we recommend that you obtain the second authorization because it is much less expensive and can be obtained as quickly and easily.

Once these USA formalities are completed, let’s get to the heart of the matter by listing some places not to be missed:

Obtaining ESTA to visit New York

In order to obtain your ESTA easily and visit the United States, simply fill out the simplified form and translated into French. Once the payment has been validated online, you will receive your ESTA authorization in less than 72 hours (maximum response time) in your account and in your email box if it has been accepted, which is the case for 99% of applications.