What is the validity of the American visa

A visa is a travel document whose validity depends on the type of travel it concerns. U.S. visas are valid from 1 year to 10 years.

For a stay in the USA of less than 90 days: it is not necessary to obtain a visa. Simply apply for a travel authorization on the Internet by clicking on the online form.

Visas grant citizens of all foreign countries permission to enter the United States for a specific purpose, whether it be for business or for a tourism visa. There are dozens of different visas covering a wide range of travel purposes (tourist stay, internship abroad, business…). Non-immigrant visas are for visitors and temporary workers, while immigrant visas are for people moving to the United States permanently.

Obtaining a visa is more expensive and time consuming than an ESTA application. On the other hand, the American visa offers the possibility of staying up to six consecutive months on American territory. Without a visa or ESTA no entry into the USA is possible.

Why is there a visa validity?

The visa application is one of the most important formalities to be able to visit the USA.

The type of U.S. visa you need is determined by the purpose of your trip: there are more than 20 types of non-immigrant visas for people traveling temporarily to the United States. For those who come to live in a permanent residence in the United States and not just a short stay, other “immigrant” visas exist such as the Green card.

A visa must be valid at the time a traveler wishes to visit the United States. The expiration date of the visa should not be confused with the length of time a visitor is allowed to stay temporarily by the Department of Homeland Security. Persons holding multiple-entry visas may make repeated trips to the United States, provided they meet the initial criteria each time: travel for the same purpose, as long as the visa has not expired, and for a maximum of six months in the country. In addition, the traveler must not have broken the criteria to enter the United States (passport expiration, police arrest, etc.).

It is important to note, however, that even if you have a valid visa, it does not guarantee entry into the United States. A valid visa allows a foreign citizen to travel to the U.S. port of entry. Then, the Customs and Border Protection inspector authorizes or denies admission to the United States. The same applies if you have a valid ESTA.

To apply for a visa, contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. The application is opened online but ends with an appointment at the American Embassy. Here is a non-exhaustive list of residence permits with their validity period, fixed or variable depending on the copy:

What to do at the end of the validity of the visa?

If the Immigration Officer at Customs and Border Protection has admitted you to the U.S. for a specified period of time, he or she will record your authorized period of stay on your entry visa and give you the admission form. This authorized duration can exceed the initial duration allowed by the visa. The admission form specifies the terms of your authorized stay; it is the official record of your permission to stay in the United States, it is very important to keep it inside your passport when your visa loses its validity period.

If you are traveling for tourism or business reasons and are in a hurry to extend your expatriation, you can quickly rectify the loss of validity of a visa by applying for another travel document, the ESTA. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization, commonly abbreviated to ESTA, is the automated system used by the United States to determine the eligibility of tourists and nationals of a number of selected countries to stay for up to 90 days in the United States. The VWP Visa Waiver Program is responsible for monitoring whether such travel poses security or law enforcement risks. Thanks to the program, exempted visitors (French, German, Australian nationals…) benefit from a much simpler procedure than that of the visa, by filling out a short online form (remember also to check the validity of the passport before taking off to the USA thanks to the ESTA).