Explanations of the ESTA pending status

Your ESTA application has been assigned a “pending” status. This is not a definitive answer but a temporary one, until the US authorities process the answers to the form in more detail. There are many reasons for this status, which you cannot always foresee or avoid. You must anticipate your application and not complete the questionnaire the day before your departure: allow 72 hours in advance to respect the maximum ESTA processing time.

Why is an ESTA application pending?

Most applications receive a positive response within minutes of submitting the online form. This does not always happen as planned, even though 99% of ESTA USA applications are approved. When the ESTA status indicates “pending” and not “denied”, don’t worry. This is not necessarily a data entry error, or a problem leading to a negative response.

There are several reasons for ESTA instance status:

In case of pending ESTA status

While it is frustrating to see your file on hold, you cannot speed up the processing of your ESTA application. Take the time to learn about all the formalities of a trip to the USA. The proceeding only lasts a few hours, accept this slight unforeseen event and under no circumstances take the decision to take your plane or your boat without the authorization in your pocket

After a refusal, a new application can be made after 10 days. Correct any items that may have errors, and review the ESTA criteria point by point to make sure you are eligible. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive the precious document and will have to turn to another procedure: obtaining a visa. This will considerably lengthen your preparation for your stay.

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