Enjoy the National Parks in the United States

As soon as you receive confirmation of your ESTA authorization, the gates to the various national parks in the United States are wide open to you! Mainly located in the West of the immense country that is the USA, these parks are undeniably exceptional places that all nature lovers must survey!

National parks USA : for all tastes

The United States has more than 60 national parks, many of which are in the western part of the country. These parks were created to “converse the landscapes, natural and historical objects and wildlife therein, and to provide for their enjoyment in a manner that preserves them in the same condition for future generations.” It is therefore fundamental to understand that these places must be treated with the utmost respect because the local authorities do not joke with that!

The first park created was Yellowstone in 1872, one of the most famous in the USA thanks to its landscapes that could be thought to be straight out of another planet. This site is unique and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible to list all the parks and their features here. Let’s focus on Sequoia Park. Located in California and protected since 1870, it is also recognized since 1976 by UNESCO. Famous for its forest of giant sequoias, it is home to one of the largest trees in the world: the General Sherman, its imposing trunk of 1,487 m3 and its 2,200 years of existence.

Some tips for visiting national parks in the United States

In order to make the most of your trip through the national parks, it is important to prepare your stay properly. To begin with, if you want to visit several parks, we recommend you to buy the “America the Beautiful Pass” which, for the sum of 80$, opens the doors to all the national parks of the country! It is also important to find out how to get there. Some sites are more accessible on foot than by car, and vice versa when it is a reserve covering several thousand hectares. One last piece of advice that may seem anecdotal but is nonetheless important: eat before you leave or keep your picnic in well-sealed boxes. The smell of food tends to attract grizzly bears and other hungry wolves.

Finally, make sure you have the proper travel authorization for your stay. Whether it is a USA visa or an ESTA, it is imperative to be in good standing to hope to be allowed to set foot on US soil.